The Pack Ranks

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The Pack Ranks

Post by Barrett Draven on Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:13 pm

Due to the fact that the Rp is based around Vampires AND Werewolves, the ranks of the pack will be simple.

Alpha Pair : {1/2}

Like in a realistic pack the Alpha pair are the leaders of the group. They make all the decisions and hold the highest dominance ranking. Thus their word is law, and they should be respected by all means. Although the pack is heavily patriarchal, the female of the two may give orders from time to time.

Beta Pair : {0/2}

These two are the second-in-command. Should the Alpha male die, or both Alphas step down or are somehow killed, then the Beta pair will take their place. They don't necessarily have to be a mated pair, though if that's the case they must come to an agreement on who gets the Alpha position when the time comes. They should be highly respected.

Gamma : {0/-}

The Gammas are per say, the 'normal' pack members. Ones whom have been accepted into the pack, thus earned said title. They are the warriors, the hunters, the scouts, ect. Their only responsibility is to listen and heed the orders that are given from the higher ups. Though are encouraged to take initiative.

Guardian : {0/8}

The Guardians are the 'border patrol' of the pack. They are the information holders, and should be treated with outmost respect. They patrol the borders of the territory, and should they meet a lone wolf they decide whether they are allowed to join or not. Thus this role is given to wolves whom are trusted by the Alphas and Betas. For they should know the pack laws by heart, thus know what to look for in a new recruit.

Tracker : {0/2}

Trackers are those who go out to see less experienced werewolves. Say, a mere child whom knows nothing of the Change which occurs within wolves. Or if someone older was bitten and thus engaged in the Change. Trackers are those whom help the newly Changing, teaching them the basics and so on.

Trainee : {0/-}

As aforementioned the Trainees are those who are new to the world of Werewolves. Whether they are children whom are engaging in the Change, or adults whom have recently been bitten. They are guided by the pack in the ways and laws of the pack, thus must learn from them.

Omega : {0/-}

Normally used as a discipline rank, the omega is the lowest ranking member of the pack. They have either doing something that could be harmful to the pack, have disrespected a member / Alpha, or have broken one of the commandments.

For anymore information, please contact Barrett via website or in-game.
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